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Are you a local business owner?

Or a growing small business?

Or an established small business looking for the next stage?

Then you know how hard it is to promote your products or services and achieve success with ads.  Chances are this has been your headache and maybe you haven’t had any success with paid ads or you’ve had some success but you’ve hit a wall and are struggling to scale.

If that’s you, I’m here to tell you that is not your fault. The reality is, there’s so much information (or should I say misinformation?) out there, is hard to find reliable strategies. Everyone is out there to sell you something, without even knowing your business!

That’s why I always try to help my fellow small business get on the right path. So what I do is help them create a custom blueprint for their business, so that they can know what will work for THEM, and what won’t. You can use that blueprint to grow your business yourself, hire someone to do it for you, or ask me to do it for you. That’s your choice.

If you’re interested in getting me to create your custom blueprint for your business, click here and read my letter. Because I only have so much time during the week, I can only help a few business owners at the time. So please, read my letter and follow the instructions.

By the way, I haven’t introduced myself.
I’m Moi Lopez, and I’m the founder and owner of Flycer Digital Agency. Flycer is about one thing and one thing only: Getting you customers from the Internet …at a profit.

Here are the most important step we take to make sure that happens:


At Flycer, we only run ads that are measurably profitable …meaning you know exactly how many customers your ads are bringing you.

The first way we check you’re profitable is to completely eliminate wasted ad spend.

Here’s how:

Most businesses spend about most of their ad budget showing ads to people who aren’t even remotely interested in what the business is selling.

So the first thing we do is we find out exactly who’s already interested in buying from you.

Then we set up digital systems to only show ads to them. This means you spend less on ads …but you get more customers.

The next part of the equation is to make sure the ads actually get traffic. After all, what good will an ad do you if nobody pays attention to it?

And the final piece of the puzzle is what we call the “after-click” experience.

We understand that every business is different.

For example, one business might want more in-store visits. Another might want more inbound phone calls. And another might want more leads coming through from their website.

Because of this, there’s no “one size fits all” approach to making sure the ads actually create revenue.

That’s why we tailor-make every campaign to get you the exact outcome you want.
The final piece of the puzzle is to track everything so you know exactly how many leads, calls, sales, or in-store visits our ads produced.

That way, you know it’s working and you know exactly how much profit you’re getting from working together.

The net result of  these things is that you get customers from the Internet. At a profit.

If you’re interested in working together, check my agency website, or please tell me about your business in the form below and I’ll reach out ASAP to set up a time to talk.

Moi Lopez

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